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Maintenance platform

Our platform is addressed to existing and prospective clients aiming for a good management of carried out interventions.
From the moment you become our client, you will have the benefits and functionality of our platform designed specifically for you.

The functionality of the platform:

- Account Creation
The account will be created by us and the access data will subsequently be provided to you. By creating an account with our platform you will be able to request an intervention whenever needed.

- Ticket Submission
Submitting a ticket means a request for an intervention at the registered offices of the company. When the installation (heating, sanitary, ventilation, etc.) presents a problem you can ask for the intervention of our team by submitting a ticket from your client account.

- Ticket Reception
Once you've submitted your ticket, our team receives your request in real time, at which point they begin working towards resolving the problem. An advantage of the tickets is that they can also be accessed by the intervention team, so when it arrives at the site of the intervention, it will know exactly what needs to be done.

- Ticket Status
At the time of logging into your account, you can see the status of each submitted ticket (Fetched, In progress, To Return or Closed), as well as cars or people for intervention.

- Intervention regime
When you add a ticket, you can select the Intervention regime, depending on the urgency of the request: Urgent, Moderate, Normal or Scheduled.

Your company may optionally request labeling of equipment in the served location for the purpose of monitoring the activity on each piece of equipment. So each user can generate a report on the number and cost of interventions being considered for a particular piece of equipment, and it will later decide if it makes sense or not for that equipment to be replaced with a new one.
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